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Hamilton writes to Martha with the final payment of the 200 dollar pledge that was made for the Georgia Drive for Berry.

This is a thank you letter in response to a donation sent by U.N. Howell after an appeal letter Martha Berry sent.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. Jeremiah Milbank in thanks for his $1000 gift to the endowment and inviting him to visit the school.

Hartley writes to Martha with a check for $2,000 in connection to the campaign Mr. Ochs has been doing to raise money for the school. They also hope to see Martha the next time she is in New York.



Emily Vanderbilt Hammond writes to Martha Berry following the 1926 Chautauqua. She references a letter to Mr. Ochs and asks for approval from Martha Berry to have her letter published in the Chattanooga newspaper. Mrs. Hammond inquires whether money has arrived at Berry from several personal and business contacts made earlier in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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