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A letter attached to his $200 1938 Memorial Transferring check in addition to an update on his life.

A letter informing Martha Berry of travel plans in order to get to Atlanta from Daytona Beach.

A letter discussing travel arrangements for Mr. Holt's visit to Berry on April 5th.

A letter informing Mr. Holt of an invitation Martha Berry's extending to Connie Hack to visit the Berry Schools.

A letter primarily discussing the printing of a picture taken of Mr. Holt, Martha Berry, and Mrs. Crowell in Atlanta.

A letter to Martha Berry expressing how much he enjoyed his last visit to Berry and how he's recommending other people to visit as well.

A note telling Mrs. Holt that Mr. Holt was leaving on time and as planned, with special instructions on when to send the response back.

A letter expressing Mr. Holt's excitement about his impending visit to the Berry Schools and inquiring about the distribution of an order of books he'd made.

A letter asking if Martha Berry had received the framed copies of "Somebody Cares" he'd had sent to her.

Erwin A. Holt writes to Martha Berry to donate $300 to The Berry Schools for his annual Armistice Day thank offering. He says he and his wife had a nice trip to New York, Princeton, Atlantic City, and Washington. He tells her about the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Holly Hill Fruit Product company named D.H. McConnell; that he is a philanthropist, conservative, highly successful, and "a man of highest business integrity". He says that he and his wife hope to visit the orange groves soon, and also that they met the director of the Congressional Library, Dr. Herman Henry Bernard Meyer. Finally, he says that his business is suffering badly from the depression. He also requests the latest issues of the Highlander.

Letter to Erwin Holt from Martha Berry thanking him for his recent anniversary gift to the Berry Schools. She expresses her wish that he could come and see the Berry School's Campus because it is lovely with all of the flowers in bloom. She informs him that she plans to be at the University, although she does not specify which one, and hopes to meet him while she is there. She also tells him that she will be bringing some Berry people as well. She then expresses her wish to go to a spring to get some water from it and talks about arranging a trip once she arrives at the University. She then sends her regards to Mrs. Holt and sincere regards from his friends at Berry.

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