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Martha Berry sends a letter to Mr. Walter Mooney about flowers for Mrs. Davis.

William L. McKee received Martha Berry's letter about getting benifits from Miss Mason's Trust Fund for the Berry Schools.

Ms. Berry has received flowers from Mr. and Mrs. Nabers and sends them a letter of appreciation.

Martha is asking if he will still be donating and thanking him for his donations.

Albert Shaw, Jr. from The American Review of Reviews asks Martha Berry for information about the author of a submitted manuscript, Mr. Elwood I. Terry. Terry's manuscript contains a theory that if whiskey can be utilized for medicinal purposes moonshiners should be permitted to make it under governmental supervision. Shawinquires as to how Berry is doing and says he would like to visit Mount Berry again soon.

Constance B. Holt writes Martha Berry to donate $300 to keep a brother and sister at Mount Berry for the coming year. She has read about the siblings' plight in the autumn edition of the Southern Highlander and wishes that, if the brother and sister are already provided for, her donation will give two others in need one year at Berry.

Ms. Alice L. Grandbury is writing Miss Martha Berry in regards to a Mount Berry booklet for a student interested in attending.

The document is incomplete but states that funds for the school are needed to keep benefiting boys and girls.

Berry Schools informs Mrs. Lanier that the supply of woven articles is not adequate to fulfill the demand at church bazaars, etc.

This is a letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. John Hills in response to a plea for donations. Mrs. Hills encloses a check for $15 and explains that she can only send a "mite" because "calls are many and often."

The letter acknowledges Mrs. Spencer's gift of $5.00 to the schools.

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