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Mrs. Heath says that she is enclosing a donation in memory of Mother's Day. She says that her donation has been delayed because she has no permanent mailing address and mail had to be forwarded to her.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hayes for remembering her on Mothers' Day. She hopes that Miss Hayes will come to Berry for commencement and the alumni banquet. She says that she has not been feeling well but is looking forward to seeing everyone who visits.

The letter informs Martha Berry of a Mothers Day Committee meeting to review candidates for the American Mother of 1939. The committee has reviewed nominations and says they will review and decide the nominations at this meeting, which Martha Berry is urged to attend.

Mr. Holt tells Martha Berry that he is sending his yearly donation in honor of Mrs. Holt's recovery from a dangerous operation. He then says that he hopes to bring Mrs. Holt to Berry soon. He recalls being at Berry on Mother's Day in 1923 and says that he ordered an autographed book to be sent to Berry before Mother's Day. He suggests that the author of the book should visit Berry for inspiration. Mr. Holt hopes to send some quotations to Berry soon and regrets that he cannot send more money.

Mrs. Riter writes to Martha with a check for mother's day in memory of her own mother.

Miss Alice E. Richardson sends a $1.00 donation to the Berry Schools in celebration of mother's day.

C. Olson writes enclosing a money order as a mother's day remembrance, writing that God will bless Miss Berry and the Schools.

Miss Mead sends a donation to Martha Berry to celebrate Mother's Day. She also informs Berry that her sister, Alice, passed away because of an illness.

Natalie Harris Hammond's secretary, Margaret W. Browne, writes to send $150 to pay for a scholarship as a Mother's Day gift to the Berry Schools.

Reverend Greene writes to Martha with a donation for Mother's Day from the church.

Miss Doremus sends a small donation to Berry on Mother's Day in honor of her mother.

Miss Carswell sends $5 for Mother's Day with hopes to someday increase her subscription. She says that her mother was unable to leave her much money but always said she would leave her somethign better - a good education.

The Brights write to Miss Berry to explain why they have been unable to send their small contributions and send their wishes for success.

In this letter Martha Berry is imploring friend to donate to the Berry Schools in the Mother's Day spirit.

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