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Martha Berry writes to Mrs. F. M. Inman to request that she visit Berry in the next week so that they may talk over plans about the Mothers' Building.

Clarence Leemon offers Martha Berry help in landscaping her new building.

Charles writes to Martha expressing his admiration for the work that she has done. He also comments about the Mother's building subscription as well.

Miss Berry encourages Mrs. Inman to promote Kiwanis' support of The Mother's Building and wishes for Mrs. Inman good health.

Letter describes how the building should be presented to the donors/mothers who gave and donated the furniture, the placement of pieces, the placement of a picture purchased by Mrs. Inman (Ideal Conception of American Motherhood) and instruction for a table to be under the picture to be made and presented by Berry students.

Letter expresses Miss Berry's regret about Mrs. Inman's poor health and her wish that Mother's Building progress quickly; expresses thanks for Mrs. Inman's fundraising.

A personal letter detailing her visit to the Rome area and noting her prescribed rest for her game leg and her relationship with Dr. Harlan

In this letter The Berry Schools thanks Mrs. Davison for her gift for the Mother's Building.

Letter requesting development a leaflet summarizing Martha Berry's accomplishments to use in conjunction with her expected visit to Hot Springs.

Martha Berry discusses th importance of the proposed Mothers building she asks Mrs Inman to ask Miss Neal and Mr Beck to help also.

letter to Mrs. Frank Inman from Martha Berry concerning the idea of the Mothers' Building and the donations needed to build it. She informs Mrs. Inman that they need the Mothers' Building in order to house the increasing number of girls that wish to attend the Berry Schools and to reduce the crowding that was already present in the girls dormitories. Miss Berry asks if Mrs. Inman can write Miss Neal and Mr. Beck to help with the building because she believes it is a beautiful idea. She also informs Mrs. Inman that she wishes her to come to the schools as often as she can for a visit.

Martha writes to Mr. Friend having heard that he was interested in the name "Berry" and wishes to know what data he may have on the family. She also thanks him for his donation for the Mother's building and sending him some literature on the school.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ryman to make an exception and accept the invitation to speak at a Kiwanis meeting. She also asks if it would be permissible to bring a Berry girl with an interesting story. She says that she appreciates what the Kiwanis are doing with the Mother's Building.

Louise writes to Miss Bonner about a possible to trip to Altanta for Martha, who may be too weak to travel. She also informs her that they can postpone the Berry meeting and there is no need to send Inez.

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