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Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Grable responds to Berry's request that she write in confidence about Monica Henderson. Grable does not know Henderson, but was given the enclosed address and information about her by Annie Laurie Crain.

Martha Berry asks Katharine Lee Grable to write to her in confidence about Monica Henderson and asks when Grable will be able to visit Berry.

Katharine Lee Grable says that by making a purchase from her Emily Vanderbilt Hammond has made it possible for her to send a $100 contribution. Having lost everything except her job, however, she will not be able to carry on as a "good 'Pilgrim'". A talk about Berry by Monica Henderson and Lucy Field at the Three Arts Club was enthusiastically received.

Berry thanks Henderson for sending her thesis, saying that she plans to use parts of it. She invites Henderson to visit whenever she is homesick.

Henderson apologizes for having asked that Martha Berry sign a note for her. She does not plan to return to live in Rome, but will see Bonner at the next commencement.

Henderson is informed that Martha Berry is unable to sign notes for anyone. The author suggests that it will be more economical for Henderson return to Rome and live with her father.

Invitation to former student inviting her back Berry to get her college degree.

Henderson writes to Berry because she sent two war saving stamps toward a certificate.


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