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A letter explaining to Mrs. Hession how difficult it is to establish and maintain a school but encouraging her to do it regardless of the difficulty.

A letter communicating plans for his upcoming visit to Berry while also notifying Martha of his upcoming vacation to Florida with Mrs. Holt

Martha Berry writes Mr. Redfearn about money paid on a lot in Miami.

Letter to Mr. Firestone from Martha Berry informing him that she has just returned from Miami Beach, where she saw his house. She informs him that Miss McDavis took her through and that she felt like stopping and talking to him because she feels like she knows him through their mutual friends, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Edison. She asks him to visit the schools on his way up north. She informs him about the schools as well, stating that she founded them twenty-five years ago for poor boys and girls, while also giving him the aims and goals of the schools as well. She informs him of their splendid forestry and bird sanctuary. She also informs him that she met Raymond Firestone but that he would not remember her but that she hopes he would bring the boys on a visit to the schools.

Thank you letter to Ben J. Yancey for getting Miss Berry's letter to Miami to Frances Price.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Witham a picture and article about one of the dormitories at Berry that was destroyed by fire. She wishes for Mr. Witham to publish the article and picture in the Miami paper to gain attention to the public. She wishes to build a fire-proof dormitory for the 75 boys who were residing there and hopes to open it by the end of summer, but cannot do so without Mr. Witham's help. Miss Berry closes the letter by asking Mr. Witham to send a marked copy of the paper that carries the enclosed article.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Barron for helping find her niece in Miami.

Letter to George F. Johnson from Martha Berry informing her that she had been thinking about George and hoping that he is well and strong. She then invites them to her house in Mentone, Alabama for the summer. She informs Mrs. Johnston that she sent her her rough bottom chair to her but that she did not know what charges there would be so she sent a check to cover the charges. She then informs Mrs. Johnston that her mother, Martha, and Frances, were already settled in Miami.

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