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Martha Berry wrote this letter to thank Clara DeWolf for her message and contribution to the school.

Mr. Hammond thanks Martha Berry for the package of cotton bolls from Berry that she sent him. He then wishes her and her students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A short Christmas letter is sent to the Berry Schools accompanied by some items.

Miss Moffitt sends a $25 express order as a Merry Christmas gift for Faith Cottage.

Louis H. Moss writes Martha Berry to thank her for remembering him at Christmas and to extend his own well wishes to her and hers for Christmas and the New Year.

Helen sends a $10 check for the boys and girls to make a Merry Christmas. She notes that this Christmas will be the first since Martha Berry's mother passed away and encourages Martha to rejoice anyway.

This is a letter from Ms. Pierrepont with a donation of $15.00 inside. Wish Berry and the school a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Ms. Lake donates $10 to Martha Berry and also sends well wishes for the holidays.

Martha Berry sends her season's greetings, shares the news about her mother's fall and encloses literature about the schools.

Miss Laura Allen thanks Martha Berry for sending cotton balls.

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