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In this letter Hodges writes that he and Mrs. Hodges will not be able to make it to Berry before the 20th but they look forward to seeing her over the summer.

A letter to Mr. Hodges from Martha Berry hoping that he will come for a visit soon and see the campus in the beauty of full spring and bring friends along for a nice visit.

Ruth Hart writes a letter expressing how glad she is that Martha Berry is feeling better, and that outdoor life in Mentone, Alabama is good for anyone. She also regrets having to turn down an invitation to visit there.

Berry writes that she is just back from Mentone and has received an invitation to visit Mrs. Ford. She asks Campbell's plans and says they must go some place together.

Shigley regarding a narrow strip of land between Martha Berry's property and the new highway, suggesting that Martha may want to purchase it to get her property up to the highway.

Martha writes to Clifton to make sure that Mrs. Wright gets butter sent to her every week this summer.

Berry requests that Mr. Perkins give the keys to the property in Mentone to Joe Clark so he could see to it. She also says see will sens him the $35 she owes him in a few days.

Martha Berry's brother Tom Berry encloses tax notices for property in DeKalb County, Alabama from their mother's (Mrs. Thomas Berry's) estate.


Letter regarding renting out cottages in Mentone, Alabama.




Martha Berry reports that she has recently returned from Mentone, where she worked on repairing her mother's house. She writes of asking for special rates for Berry teachers and friends at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and says that she plans to spend time in Carlsbad soon.

Wishing she could be with her, Martha Berry updates Ladd on what is going on both for her as well as for Berry.

Miss Berry will be glad to rent the Spring House to him. She will need to know when he is ready for the house.

Martha Berry reports on a trip to Mentone and hopes to be able to see the Bonnyman family soon.

Berry writes to ask Perkins what he thinks they could get if they rented the River House and to instruct him to let her know if anything happens in Mentone that she should know about.

On behalf of the J.M. High Company, Wright responds affirmatively to a request for Christmas donations. She mentions that she is the former Mrs. Max Wright, that she met Berry in Mentone several times, and asks to be remembered to other Berry family members.

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