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A letter expressing happiness that a student named Mary is doing well at Berry and requesting that in future letters, Martha tell Matilda more about her and how she is.

Martha Berry remarks on her surprise at receiving a letter from Piedmont. She says that she cannot sent Martha to visit Mary because she is so responsible for keeping the children safe while they are under her care at the schools. She also discourages Mary from writing Martha so often because she is worried that Martha will become dissatisfied and want to leave the Berry Schools. She invites Mary to come back to Commencement.

Letters between a Mrs. Nesbitt and Martha Berry speaking of an Audrey Henderson and a girl named Mary, who both married someone other than the one who they were engaged to.

Anna is writing Miss Berry to inform her of her sister Mary's death the year prior. She is also stating that she will continue to donate to Miss Berry's school on her sister's behalf and thanks her for her great work.

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