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A letter informing Mrs Hart that Miss Martha Berry is unable to respond to personal correspondence due to health reasons, but her letter has been referred to Dr. Green who will consider her application for a position there at Berry.

A letter to Mrs. Hope asking why she thought Martha Berry supported general smoking on campus, and informing her that she does not support this.

A thank you letter to Miss Hoge for her birthday note to Martha.

This informational brochure talks about a new building to be built at the Berry Schools, dedicated to American mothers.

Mr. Erwin A. Holt writes Miss Berry sending a check of $300 and also his warm regards.

This is a letter from Martha Berry about her nephew Alex Bonnyman. He is studying engineering at Princeton and failed his second term, prohibiting him from advancing to the junior class. Martha Berry is asking if her nephew can change branches of study.

The Manufacturers Record letter to Martha Berry asking her for a "Notice to Bidders" to be published in their copy of their Daily Bulletin.

A sympathy letter to Mr. & Mrs. Noal Macy consoling them for the death of a friend. Martha states that she will try to attend the funeral.

Martha is thanking Miss McLean for her gift of clothing sent around the time of Christmas and also wishing her well after hearing that she is sick.

Martha Berry writes to inform Mrs. Halsey that she is sending letters from three girls who are being helped with Mrs. Halsey's mother, Mrs. Chambers', gift. The previous "Three Ls" were married and scattered far away, so three new girls' letters were sent. Mrs. Chambers' generosity was complimented.

Martha writes to thank them for their gift to the Berry schools. She explains that she hopes there will be an Endowment Fund one day and that the schools have grown extremely fast. She also mentions that the school is expecting a great loss even if it rains in the near future.

A letter to Mrs. Eddy thanking her for her gift that was sent to them by Miss. Wooten. Martha hopes that the new year will be blessed for the young people attending Berry Schools.

In this document, Martha Berry sends a letter to Karl T. Compton, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which she hopes that he will be able to visit Berry when he makes his trip south to Tennessee. She wants him to speak to the students and see the homes from which they come.

In this letter Martha Berry turns down an insurance company offering to make the Berry Schools its beneficiary. The writing also mentions many other companies have also requested this from Martha Berry.

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