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Holland had just seen "The March of Time" movie and was interested in Miss Berry's part in the movie. Holland also wanted to congratulate Miss Berry on the Christian work being done by The Berry Schools.

The letter's author commends Mr. Luce for accurately representing the geographic and economic tribulations of the South. He also claims a past connection to Martha Berry and commends her for training young men and women to meet the issues of the South head on, especially agriculture.

Martha Berry responds to Franklin Gottshall's previous letter about seeing the "March of Time", thanking him for his kind words and inviting him to come back to visit the schools.

Franklin Gottshall lets Martha Berry know he saw the schools in the newsreel the "March of Time", and was proud to have been associated with the schools as a teacher.

Martha Berry thanks Captain Reed for recommending that the Berry Schools be included in the newsreel the "March of Time".

A newspaper flipping from the Waycross Journal-Herald about Berry's appearance in the newsreel film "March of Time - Dixie".

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