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Miss Berry sends in a check for $600 to be deposited to her credit and asks to be sent back some deposit slips and a small check book.

Miss Berry writes to offer her sympathy and prayers to Miss Wooten, whose father passed away.


Correspondence between Martha Berry and Marjorie Davenport regarding consignment of baskets made at Sunshine Cottage. Berry sends a letter to Davenport asking if she has sold the baskets that were sent to her the previous summer. Berry also asks if she can send the money to Berry as soon as possible. The subsequent letters illustrate confusion in the price of the baskets and the sale price.

A letter from Martha Berry asking Mr. Cridland for help laying out new roads and paths the next time he is in Atlanta.




Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hussey explaining that she may or may not be able to come to East Orange during January or February.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hussey for the clothing sent to the schools from the Essex Chapter of the D.A.R..



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Martha writes to Mr. Carlson to explain that Mr. Ford was distressed over the looks of Clara hall and that something needs to be done to remedy the problem.

A letter from Martha Berry to Louise B. Chisholm talking about the New York Pilgrims, which was a group of people who would travel to the Berry Schools annually.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Harrington for his prompt service and writes about arrangements for the Harrington family's upcoming visit to Berry, promising to give them "the best dinner they can" and entertain them.

Martha Berry writes to tell her sister Frances Berry Bonnyman that she is glad that Bonnyman will be coming to visit and comments on how lovely it will be to see all of the children. Berry asks that Bonnyman bring cucumbers put up by a woman in Knoxville. She asks that Bonnyman mail her portrait to her, as she has found someone to repair it. Berry tells Bonnyman that she is counting on Reo Bandy to take the children from Faith Cottage to Mentone, and to also spend time there with their mother, who plans to go to Mentone at the end of June.

Martha writes to Mr. Coleman that they have received his gift and to inform him they have started the fall term of the school and wishes he will include Berry when he comes south.


Martha Berry thanks J. B. Campbell for offering to hold her money until she can invest it, saying she has been too busy to do so with the work at the Schools and her mother's illness. She says that The Schools are facing a difficult time and asks him to come visit and help them.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Cotton for his donation to their water system and also tells him about their recent loss of a dormitory to a fire.

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