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Miss Margaret Hofman asks Martha Berry if she would like to have the story papers and illustrated quarterlies from her Sabbath School. She hopes they will be of use to Miss Berry's Log Cabin Sunday School.

Miss Hartong writes about her second grade class, how they heard about Berry, and how they would like to help by sending their papers.

Letter offers to send what is most needed at Thanksgiving or Christmas and asks if Sunday school papers are still needed.

Mrs. Harriett Anspach says she read that the Log Cabin Sunday School was in need of papers and wonders if they would have any use for holiday cards if she were to send them. She also asks Miss Berry to write and tell her of the other needs of the school.

In this letter The Berry Schools tell Miriam Moyer that they could use the Sunday School Picture Rolls and scrap books she offered for their Log Cabin Sunday School.

A letter from Miriam Moyer asking if the Log Cabin Sunday School could use the current year's beginner and primary Lesson Picture Rolls, as well as scrap books made by children. She would like to donate them if the school can use them.

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