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Teachers and students at the Liggett School, Detroit, MI, send checks and gifts towards Christmas festivities at Berry. Martha Berry replies with thank-you note.

Martha Berry expresses her regret in not getting more interest from the Liggett alumnae.

Clippert sends Thanksgiving wishes and regrets that hard times and poverty in her own city prevent her from sending a larger contribution.

A letter from Martha Berry detailing her friendship to Miss Ella Liggett and encouraging any Liggett School graduates to come to Berry. This is a copy of a letter Martha Berry send to a large number of Liggett School graduates.

In this letter Mrs. McGrew gives Martha Berry the name of and adress of the secretary of the Alumni Association for the list of Ligget graduates because Mrs. McGrew will be leaving the country soon.

Eleanor WcGrew writes to inform Martha Berry of an enclosed check. She says that one of Berry's visits to the Liggett School made a strong impression on her, and she wishes to contribute to the cause.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kahn thanking her for her gift which she received through the Liggett School. She talks about how hard the students are working and says that she wishes Mrs. Kahn could be with them for the Christmas Eve Carol Service which teaches the real meaning of Christmas.

Martha writes to MIss Liggett to thank her and everyone who sent the gift from the LIggett School.

In this letter Jeanette Liggett asks Martha Berry to keep the names of the donors anonymous because it was supposed to come from the general donation fund.

Letter from the Berry Schools expressing gratitude to the donation from the Associated Alumnae of the Liggett School of Detroit.

Harrah wishes to set up a scholarship that will go to a girl of about 15, in memory of her daughter of that age. She inquires whether the school can use books she has

Thank you letter from The Berry Schools to Union Trust Company for $50 gift from The Associated Alumnae of Liggett School

Liggett suggests that Berry send information about what was done with the contents of Christmas packages sent from the Liggett School to the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Liggett for the boxes of Christmas presents she sent to Berry and describes where all of the presents went. She also describes the Berry Schools' Christmas which was "the most wonderful Christmas [she] had ever experienced." She writes that she though of the Liggett's when the Christmas boxes where being opened and tells her to thanks the rest of her family.

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