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A letter to Martha Berry, in regards to a letter she sent to someone at the office of Henry Ford, Mr. Liebold, who was at the time not able to receive her letter until March.

Miss Berry writes that Mr. Hoge is on vacation and will figure out Mr. Carlson's commission when he returns. She says that she feels sure that Mr. Carlson will decide that the history of his work with the schools and the possiblity of future work will pay him for waiting for his comission. She also mentions the beauty of the buildings at Duke University and desires Mr. Carlson to visit them.

Mr. Carlson writes that Mr. Liebold says that he doesn't think it necessary to make a joint visit until July but Mr. Carlson says that of course he will come before then. He also encloses letters from the Monon Stone Co. and teh Carolina Steel and Iron Co. that praise Coolidge and Carlson Architects.

Mr. Carlson writes to say that he is glad to hear from Miss Berry and hopes that all with her and her niece is going well. He also asks if Miss Berry has sat for her bust.

E. G. Liebold, general secretary to Henry Ford, sends E. H. Hoge a check for $21,826.12 in payment to the Thompson Starrett Company for the new Girls' School buildings.


E. H. Hoge, the Comptroller of the Berry Schools, sends Mr. E. G. Liebold architect certificate #2516 and asks for a check for $21,826.12 to pay the Thompson-Starrett Company for part of the New Girls School buildings.


A thank you letter from Martha Berry to E. G. Liebold, the General Secretary of Henry Ford, to express appreciation at the speed of the arrangements Mr. Liebold made in getting an unspecified gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ford to Berry.

Miss Berry says they are greatly in need of the balance of money that Mr. Liebold said they could have three months ago.

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