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In this letter Margaret Gilmore says that she would like to make a bulletin board on the Martha Berry School and asks Martha Berry for illustrations to use.

This letter includes the donation of a book to one of the libraries at Berry and details Martha Berry's appreciation of Miss Oliver's generosity.

Wells, her maid, and chauffeur send thanks for Berry's hospitality during a recent visit. She encloses a $500 gift to be used as Berry sees fit.

Grace C. Parcells, secretary to Caroline L. Cowl writes to Miss Edith Johnson, librarian at The Berry Schools, telling her she is sending three boxes of books and $15 for putting the books in order.

Erwin A. Holt writes to Miss Edith Johnson, librarian of Berry's Memorial Library, about his donation of some copies of Reverend Shoemaker's book "The Religion That Works". He also says that he has sent an article from the Charlotte Observer that featured Miss Berry and requests folders relative to Miss Berry from Edith Johnson.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Dickerson asking her and her husband to come and visit. She said that Miss Johnson, the librarian, told her about the Dickersons. She says that they have very comfortable guest rooms and they can have lunch ready for them.

The Berry Schools write to thank Miss Sellers for her offer to donate books and ask if she were willing to wait to send them until the librarian can select which ones the library needs at the start of the fall term.

Letter to Harold Richards from Martha Berry expressing her sympathy for the loss of his mother. She also states that the librarian at the schools will handle the situation of the books.

Letter asks Mr. Ladd about some missing books.

This is a letter to Mr. W. P. Waterhouse from Martha Berry about a possible book donation. Miss Berry says that they have a limited library space so they can only accept books that will be useful to her students and referred his letter to the librarian.

This undated letter is apparently a draft of correspondence from the librarian to Kate Macy Ladd after she funded the original Memorial Library. Conditions in the present library space are very crowded; adequate seating space and beautiful surroundings will mean much to the students. However, the letter also describes the current book collection as made up entirely of gifts as there has been no fund for books. The letter mentions recommended per pupil allocations, as well as a new list of books recommended for high school libraries that the librarian hopes will be listed in the Southern Highlander.

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