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Vaughn reports on Mrs. Ladd's interest in Lemley Hall, including her desire to purchase furniture for the living room.

Martha Berry tells Ladd how much she has been in her thoughts and thanks her for the Christmas candy that meant so much to the boys and girls. They took only one day for Christmas, keeping the students on campus so that they would not bring illness from home. Berry updates Ladd on Frances Ball's health, regretting that she had to leave her niece alone at Johns Hopkins Hospital over the holiday.


Martha Berry tells Ladd about the new piano and reminds Ladd that she wants a photograph of her like the one she sent for Lemley Hall. Berry hopes to see Ladd in Bar Harbor over the summer.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the visit by the Pilgrims and the gift commitments they made. Berry says that the boys are delighted with the photograph Ladd sent of herself for Lemley Hall, but that she is jealous and wants one for herself.

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Martha writes Mrs. Ladd with a list of books and a note from the library as well as discusses Lemley Hall with Mrs. Ladd. Martha hopes that summer at Bar Harbor has done well for Mrs. Ladd as well.

Berry remembers her visit with Ladd fondly, commenting on Ladd's loveliness. She plans to order the piano for Lemley soon, which the boys think is wonderful.

Berry describes the 25th anniversary celebration for the Berry Schools. She hopes to see Ladd when she visits New York and asks that Ladd mark her letters "personal" so that she will have the joy of opening them herself.

Martha Berry explains to Grover Ford that the boys living in Lemley are injuring the plants in front of the building. She suggests that he lecture the boys on the subject since she does not have the time.

Martha Berry's very personal letter to Kate Macy Ladd includes references to Ladd's husband, Walter Graeme Ladd, and her nurse-companion, Alice Lemley, as well as to Berry's mother and childhood nurse.

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