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Berry writes to her niece Frances Ball, who is in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Berry discusses Ball's health, saying she wishes for her to have the best care and that she is anxious to do anything she can for her. Berry sends news of Christmas, the baby's presents and development, and visitors to Oak Hill for the holiday. She suggests that Ball order something to eat from Miss Gilmer at The Little Inn as it will be better than the hospital food.

Berry writes to Hammond to say that she has received the list of guests and that her sister, Mrs. Campbell, wants all the guests to have tea with her. Berry expresses her excitement for the visit.

Letter asks Mrs. Campbell (Laura) to wire Mrs. John Henry Hammond to invite her and her traveling party to tea.

Martha Berry advises John Harvey Kellogg of her expected arrival at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and that she will be accompanied by a student to help with the exhibit she is planning.

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