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Letter to Mrs. George H. Smiley from Martha Berry informing her that a young graduate of the Berry Schools, Inez Wooten, will be at Mohonk Lake and Miss Berry asks Mrs. Smiley if it might be possible for her to arrange for Miss Wooten to speak at Lake Minnewaska while she is there. Miss Berry also asks if Miss Wooten might show the moving pictures of the schools. Miss Berry asks her to inform Miss Wooten whether it would be possible for her to speak. She also thanks her for anything that she might be able to do to help.

In this letter Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smiley and asks that she could come to Lake Mohonk and visit, in order to show her exhibit and encourage donations from their wealthy community.

Letter to Mrs. Smiley from Martha Berry asking if she can come visit Lake Mohonk.

In this very warm letter, Miss Berry expresses her regret that she cannot travel with Miss Hollenback to Carlsbad this summer. She states that she really enjoys traveling with Miss Hollenback and that she will write to her c/o Morgan & Co. while she is away.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mrs Lampreeht for money to help build a gymnasium for the boy's school. She also reminds Mrs. Lampreeht of their time together at Lake Mohonk

Walstrum does not understand why her letters about a rug order have gone unanswered.

Martha Berry writes about a meeting she missed that summer at Lake Mohonk, says she would like to come next year, and invites the Smileys to visit Berry.

Bonner sends the text of a wire from Effie Smiley advising Berry that a room is available for her at Mr. Rest over Labor Day; Smiley will meet Berry's travelling expenses.

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