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Mrs. Morrison writes that she cannot keep up with all the requests for contributions and explains that she is being treated for arthritis at Johns Hopkins. She expresses good wishes for Miss Berry and the work of the Schools.

Berry complains that the school is suffering from the "wrong kind of publicity" and describes the Ford buildings at the Girls School as burdensome because they are not endowed. She asks Hollenback for the address of Louis Twyeffort, who has promised to endow a day in memory of his brother. She wishes she could see Hollenback.

Martha writes to Dr. Young to get some information about the condition of her niece Frances Ball.

Martha Berry tells Ladd how much she has been in her thoughts and thanks her for the Christmas candy that meant so much to the boys and girls. They took only one day for Christmas, keeping the students on campus so that they would not bring illness from home. Berry updates Ladd on Frances Ball's health, regretting that she had to leave her niece alone at Johns Hopkins Hospital over the holiday.


Hollenback's nephew, Louis Twyeffort, has endowed a memorial scholarship in honor of his brother John Gooding Twyeffort. Berry remembers the sadness of the death of "Baby John" and tells Hollenback the scholarship is the best memorial he could have. Berry reports on Frances Ball's kidney operation at Johns Hopkins Hosptial.

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