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Milton discusses the Pictorial Review Award application, advising that the best approach is to get close to the judges. She mentions her own health problems and Jennie Berry's marriage to Enrico Ruspoli.

Letter thanking for previous letter and expressing feeling about Berry. Martha Berry tells Mrs. Lipscomb that she wishes she could see the school. Also tells of Literature being sent her way soon.


Martha Berry writes Mrs. Hansen about her great skill in letter writing. She also encourages her to visit Jennie and ask about what she thought about Mildred and Tom. She says that Mildred came to visit her and that Frances comes every Sunday. She gives an update about Howard, who is in school in Pennsylvania. Berry asks Mrs. Hansen to go visit Howard and invite him to her home, but not to let Frances know. Berry wants Howard to stay in school very much and asks Mrs. Hansen for an update on how he's doing. She writes about her health condition, the construction on the hospital and the special gifts received for her birthday. She sends her love to Raymond and Little Ray and encloses a dollar for him.

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