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Berry is anxious to hear from Campbell and asks her to telephone Mrs. Hammond to learn about the dinner. Berry wants to go to New York before the dinner to get a dress and hat, and wants Campbell to join her at the St. Regis Hotel.

Berry feels that her health is improved after a rest cure at Carlsbad, and very much wants to speak at St. Bartholomew. She will be glad to give a radio speech at any time convenient to Hammond. Inez has been ill and away from work for three months, so Berry will need to find a girl who can accompany her to New York. She hopes that Kate Macy Ladd will donate an industrial building in memory of V. Everit Macy.

Berry thanks Hammond for her recent gift and response to the Mother's Day appeal. Berry reports that Inez Wooten is still away on her wedding trip, and that Berry "gave away" Hattie McDougald at her wedding. Berry appreciates Hammond's invitation to visit her at Mt. Kisco, but will not be able to get away.

Martha Berry writes to Geo. Carlisle to thank him for lending Mr. Byers to the Berry Schools. She mentions that Mr. Meacham and Mr. Alston will be arriving on campus soon and talks about Inez Wooten Henry's wedding.

Mr. Campsall explains to Miss Inez Wooten that Mrs. Ford saw shawls on display and wishes to be sent samples and quote prices.


Berry wires instructions related to arrangements for Inez Wooten's wedding.

Due to Miss Berry's trip to Europe, the Berry Schools thank Mrs. Barnes for her generous donation. The Berry Schools also let Mrs. Barnes know that Miss Inez Wooten still works at the schools and will turn her attention to the check immediately.

Pennybacker accepts an invitation to speak at Berry and describes her travel plans. Her itinerary for speaking engagements in February is enclosed. On stationery from New York's Hotel Belmont.

Emily Hammond asks if Inez could speak, but if there is a chance of Berry speaking she would prefer to postpone the meeting. She also offers her condolences for the fire and sends New Years good wishes.

Letter discusses planned trips that summer for Inez and Martha Berry. Letter mentions Rachel's wedding pictures.

Barnes hope Berry will be well enough to speak to her DAR chapter, but if not they will be pleased to have Inez Wooten. Barnes asks that Berry provide information about a scholarship the chapter established, which the school erroneously credited to the state organization. That mistake caused among some members "a little feeling".

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Barnes to confirm the date of her engagement to speak at the D.A.R meeting. If she is not well enough, Inez Wooten will go in her place.

Neal writes in appreciation of having been included in the Berry Birthday Dinner. Now that Berry's birthday is endowed, she wishes to start a fund to endow the birthday of Judge Moses Wright. Neal dreams of working for Berry in New York.

Armes reports on selling lavender bags and orders more. She is looking forward to her visit to Berry, where she hopes to be "a regular Berry schoolgirl."

Achelis makes arrangements for Berry's coming visit, including dinner at the Hotel Roosevelt. She asks Berry to send copies of the Sunday Lady and encloses an inspiring document.

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