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Berry expresses her delight that Inez will be able to make a trip to Chautauqua, and that Emily Vanderbilt Hammond will be there as well. She thanks Pennybacker for visiting the school and informs her that Inez has received the Chautauqua bulletin.

Mrs. Pennybacker writes to Martha about her arrival for the oepning of The Scholarship dormitory.

Martha Berry sends a letter of thanks to Miss Miller for the donation she sent to Berry.

Helen Miller, headmistress of the Spence School, sends her thanks to Inez Wooten for speaking at her school. The Spence School's Philanthropic Committee sends a donation of $25 to help with the work of the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry expresses her delight that Inez Wooten will speak to the students at the Spence School.

This particular letter is in response to Miss Berry who was inquiring whether Miss Inez Wooten could speak at an assembly held by The Spence School. The recipient responded saying that they would be "delighted" to have Miss Wooten visit The Spence School and speak during the assembly.

Inez writes from New York about plans for the visit of a feature writer to the schools, and Martha Berry's wish to be at the school during the visit. She discusses travel plans, and then speaks of the weather in Rochester.

Since Berry is unable to speak, a prominent man of the community has been chosen.

Berry cannot speak at Henderson's commencement, but offers that Inez Wooten could come instead. Berry is glad that Henderson is doing well and living up to Berry's ideals.

Martha Berry writes to get the dates for Inez Wooten's speaking trip to Connecticut and New York, with engagements set to talk at the Spence School and to the Pilgrims. Berry asks that Hammond make arrangements for any other engagements that she can. Berry mentions that an upcoming issue of the Southern Highlander will include a photograph of the 1929 Pilgrims.

Mrs. Harris writes to say that her committee is delighted that Inez Wooten will be speaking to the Women's Society of the First Presbyterian Church on December 12th and expresses her excitement that Miss Berry will perhaps attend as well.

Helen Forrest writes that the note about Miss Wooten came that morning and asks for her address again so she can speak directly with her. She says that Trinity Church can't get her in before January 21 but she hopes that they could squeeze her in. She also mentions her new apartment and the ordeal of moving.

Martha Berry asks Miss Forrest to arrange a meeting of the Hartford DAR where Inez Wooten can speak and present an exhibit from the Sunshine Cottage. Martha Berry thanks Miss Forrest for the gifts she sent at Christmas and explains that the students only had Christmas Day as a holiday


Helen Forrest thanks Miss Berry for the angel cake and asks if Miss Wooten will be coming to speak at Trinity Church on January 21. She tried to ask Miss Wooten's address but thinks a message must have been lost since her address changed. She explains that the audience would be a small one and that she hopes someone can come to speak.

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