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Cannon writes to tell Martha Berry that she has been reminiscing on her trip to the Berry Schools and to thank her for the Mount Berry News. She then tells Martha Berry of her trip to Orlando to visit her brother. She describes the blooming flowers and expresses her regret that she could not take photographs because she forgot her camera. She discusses her visit to Berry and thanks Martha Berry again for her hospitality. She says that she intends to send some celestial photographs for the students after her trip over seas.

Martha Berry instructs Grady that she wishes to have the road worked on as well as some dogwood brought to her home and winter jasmine planted.

Wells writes of the lovely visit to the schools she and her husband had, mentioning hearing the students sing old English ballads, the Foundation School, and the House of Dreams. Wells has recently learned that her brother was on the SS Vestris, which wrecked on the way to Robinson Crusoe Island. Her brother survived the shipwreck and she was glad to have been spared the news until he was known to be safe.

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