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A note informs Miss Bonner of new material sent to the library.

Lucy Peel Kiser writes to Martha Berry to express how interesting she found her trip to the Berry Schools.

Hamrick tells Berry that the rent has been collected from Mr. Tolbert and a request for 40 "select" fruit trees for the terraces in the rock garden has been made. Hamrick will see to the planting himself.

Miss Berry sends her regrets to Mrs. Hoge, saying she does not feel well enough to attend her party.


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E. H. Hoge, Comptroller of the Berry Schools, discusses the receipt of a check from the office of Henry Ford, that was applied to a Coolidge & Carlson bill for structural and heating engineering and landscaping.


E. G. Liebold, General Secretary to Henry Ford, sends a check for $13,170.13 in response to the statement submitted by Coolidge & Carlson.


E. H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, acknowledges Mr. Campsall's letter discussing heists and stump pullers. Hoge requests list price for the stump puller for Berry's inventory.


Ochs encloses contributions toward commitments to the Endowment Fund and another subscription. He assures Berry of his commitment to raise $1 million for the Endowment Fund despite being asked by the Trustees to abandon his plan and an "unpleasant letter" from E.H. Hoge.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mr. Keown regarding purchasing a large area of land to take care of the overflow at The Berry Schools.

Mr. Hoge writes to Miss Bonner asking if she will examine the books the Schools just received.

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