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Mr. Hall tells Martha Berry that he has heard wonderful things about the speech she gave when she received a medal. He says that he has enclosed a picture of Martha Berry with ex-President Herbert Hoover, which he has also sent to Mrs. John Henry Hammond.

Miss Robertson is sorry that the Berry Schools have been affected by the drought, and sends $50 to help. She also mentions that Miss Berry to ask President Hoover for help.

Fosdick asks Berry to join in signing a petition to the American Delegation in London in protest of abandoning a policy of reducing naval strength stated in President Hoover's Armistice Day speech. Berry's reply, added to the telegram, is that she will sign.

Miss Winifred Root encloses a "small" check to commemorate the date of President Hoover's election after she heard about the success of the Berry Schools from two friends, Mrs. Hammond and Miss Crystal Waters. Miss Root's letter is sent from 2 West 67th St., New York, NY.

Miss Berry explains to Mrs. Hammond that she cannot send the statement describing her support for Hoover because the faculty of Berry do not allow themselves to take a stand in politics.

Mrs. Hammond asks Martha Berry to send a statement to the Woman's Committee for Hoover stating why she is supporting Hoover and how many of Berry's faculty will vote for him as well. She also asks for Miss Berry to send names of influential women in Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky who support Hoover.

Martha Berry with the 31st President of the United States


Mr. C. P. DeLaittre sends the leftover money from the Hoover for President Club to Martha Berry and the Berry Schools.

A letter explaining that Mr. Keown believes it to be a good idea to send Mrs. Hammond a letter about the number of faculty expected to vote for Hoover, but there is worry concerning publicly getting into politics.

Achelis expresses her concern about Bessie Berry Wright's automobile accident and reports that Mr. and Mrs. Myers have returned to Princeton. Achelis encloses a clipping and writes about her admiration for Herbert Hoover and her opinion that Prohibition should be changed. She has renewed three magazine subscriptions for the Berry library and inquires about the status of the basket for Mr. Rouland.

Berry thanks Achelis for the book about Herbert Hoover, saying that she is interested in his career and plans to vote for him.

Achelis is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Rouland at their summer home in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She reports on the weather there and hopes the Georgia weather is fine, that she imagines Martha Berry "motoring along mountainous high ways." She is absorbed in the coming presidential election, supporting Herbert Hoover, and orders an iron wood basket to be sent to the Rouland's address.

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