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A letter to Miss Berry from the Ford Motor Company suggesting that she send her Seth Thomas Grandfather's clock and the melodeon to Dearborn for repair.

Martha Berry asks Frank Campsall to remind Mr. Ford of his promise to send some of his new tractors to Berry.


A letter thanking Mr. Ford for the buckwheat flour he'd sent.

E G Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford sends letter to Miss Berry explaining that the tractors she requested will not be made for several months and that she should keep the current tractors in running order.

Miss Berry asks the Secretary to Henry Ford if the Secretary can confirm if Mr Cameron can provide the commencement address.

Letter thanks the Fords for their visit. Miss Berry expresses thanks for the Ford buildis and how beautiful they are.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Henry Ford for his opinion about some land they want to buy for the Armuchee water project. She says that the land has never been under $20,000 but is now available for $10,000.

Cook corresponds about rumors that funds are available from Henry Ford for new buildings at Berry's Girls' School.

A letter describing that, however wonderful Henry Ford's gift was, it did not alleviate all need at the school.

Harriet C. Moore sends a $50.00 donation to the Berry Schools and describes the differences between it and the school she currently works for.

Mr. Meadows writes to Martha Berry in hopes that she can get him a meeting with Mr. Ford so that a school can be started in Eastern Tennessee.

Dr Justice writes to Martha Berry asking for her help and advice in approaching Henry Ford for help at The North Greenville Academy.

Letter enclosing an article from the Rome paper about Henry Ford's donation of buildings to the Girls school and asking for an article to be written for the Atlanta paper. Apparently the is some controversy over assertions made in the Rome paper of Ford's contribution to endowment and/or contribution to Martha Berry's home place.

Berry asks Hammond to write to say that although she appreciates the interest Mrs. Tener has taken, she should not approach the Fords in any way, as Mr. Hoge and Mr. Keown agree that all requests should come from Berry. Ground has been broken for the Mothers' Building. Although they lack sufficient funds to finish the building, Berry hopes it will "come out all right".

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