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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler that they are still talking about his inspirational commencement address. She says that she is very grateful to him for coming. She also tells him that $25 has been added to the Alumni Loan fund in his name which will be used to buy clothes and essential items for the students.

A description of a poor boy of sickly health due to his economical status, malnourished and sickly and in great need of a climate change. His mother is frantic to find a place to send him to, and Howden writes with hopes that Miss Berry can help this family out and save the young boy. Howden hopes that Miss Berry will find room at the school to except him as a scholarship student.

Mrs. Gantt explains that she sent a check for $37.50 to care for a little girl that Martha Berry mentioned in a letter. She is asking whether or not it was received.

He apologizes for his delayed response, but tells her the reason for this is his efforts to obtain what he can in the way of a road patrol. He has yet to succeed in these efforts, but plans of informing her of his eventual success. He concludes with his promise to help in anyway possible.

Mary Hilliard tells Martha Berry that she doesn't need to travel, only to write letters. She then agrees to help George get attention for his eyes and informs Martha Berry that a check is enclosed for that purpose.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Heath for the package of warm clothes that she donated to the Berry Schools. She explains that the need is great and that she will give everything in the package to needy children.

A letter of thanks to Mrs. Harrison for all of her involvement with Berry Schools and her faithful donations to help the poor children. Martha Berry informs Mrs. Harrison that a copy of the book "Martha Berry" was mailed to her.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hamblet profusely for her gift to the school. She informs Mrs. Hamblet that Berry has a long waiting list for students who want to enter, and that each gift is put toward scholarships for the most needy. Martha Berry describes one letter about a boy whose father is a drunkard, and mentions that she prays every night that help will come to the needy children.

A letter expressing her desire to obtain small articles of handiwork for resale at a gift shop there. She asks for their help in acquiring some either through The Berry Schools or a school they might reference to her.

This letter is asking others to donate money tot he Berry Schools so one student can attend for one year. Anything would help.

Dr. Taylor writes that he cannot help with Miss Berry's work since he has too much on hand and cannot leave home. He also expresses his sorrow at the disaster of the building fire and hopes it has been restored

Martha Berry tells Miss Robertson that she appreciates her interest in the Berry Schools and her donations. She explains that a gift of $150 will provide for one student for a year, and that any gift will be appreciated.

Mrs. Murphy informs Martha Berry that she has enclosed a check for $10 to help the Berry Schools.

This letter describes how they lost one of their main dormitories at the Foundation school to a fire. They ask for donations to help rebuild the dorm.


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The letter asks for donations to the school.



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