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Margaret Stauffer went on a trip to the Berry campus and to visit her brother, Frank Gottshall, who teaches at Berry. Stauffer expresses her gratitude for being able to visit the Schools and teach Mr. Hamrick's students about Japanese art. She was very impressed by the campus and style of teaching and compared them to the beautiful simplicity of traditional Japanese art.

Martha Berry informs Shirley that she has suffered a third attack of bronchitis and is unable to make a trip to Florida to visit her as planned. Martha regrets this very much, and hopes that when Shirley is in town next that she will come and visit her for a Sunday.

Hamrick tells Berry that the rent has been collected from Mr. Tolbert and a request for 40 "select" fruit trees for the terraces in the rock garden has been made. Hamrick will see to the planting himself.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Hamrick some clippings, and asks for fifteen loads of rock for curbing.

Martha Berry writes H. G. Hamrick, whom she fondly refers to as Grady, to say that she has told a Mr. Swafford that, on the first of January, his salary will begin at $50. She asks Hamrick to ensure that Mr. Swafford has a "steady boy" with him everyday.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Mooney to make sure Mr. Hamrick plants some seeds in the greenhouse to start the nursery stock.

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