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A letter to Martha Berry suggesting ideas for recommendation leaflets.

A letter informing Mrs. Henry that the Mount Berry School for Boys wants to buy a Model V-12 Syntron Vibrator.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mr. Hamrick to speak to Mr. Keim about why the Quartet is not singing as well as they normally do.

Martha writes to Grady concerned about the water supply, according to Mr. Liebold it is needing attention as it is not being kept clean and in good condition. She trusts that Grady will give it his personal attention

Letter to Mr. H.G. Hamrick form Martha Berry asking him to tell the workers at the next meeting that she appreciated the telegram from Dr. Green telling her that they all wanted donate 10% of their salaries to help the schools. However, she informs him she has thought it over and that although she appreciates their offer that because of their great responsibilities that she would still like to pay them their full salaries. She also informs Mr. Hamrick that she will always remember their willingness to support the schools.

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