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Letter to Mrs. Jno. Farmley from Martha Berry thanking her for holding a meeting on March 13th. She informs Mrs. Farmley that she will be in New York City on March 6th at the Gotham Hotel with Inez Wooten, a graduate of the schools. She also inquires whether she has a moving picture machine and states that if she doesn't that she won't bring the moving pictures. She also encloses a list of people at Norristown who have been interested in Berry.

Berry informs Neal that the meeting with Mr. Bierwith [Bierwirth] and Mr. Jones has been arranged for the morning of the 7th rather than the 5th due to illness.

Martha Berry requests a reservation of two rooms at the Gotham Hotel in New York.

Letter to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond from Martha Berry informing her that she is coming to New York and will be staying at the Gotham Hotel. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she convinced them not to have a dinner but that they insisted they must have a luncheon. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that the film of the Pilgrim Party are too small to fit Berry's moving picture machine and asks her if there is anything that can be done when she gets to New York. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she looks forward to seeing her.

In this letter Martha Berry says that she has made reservations at the Gotham Hotel so she cannot stay with her but that she is looking forward to spending time with Elizabeth Billings.

In this letter to Mrs. Sturgis, Miss Berry lets her know that she will be leaving for New York on November 23rd. She requests that Mrs. Sturgis wire her what time she has engagements on the next Monday.

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