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Martha Berry responds to S. Mims Harrison's letter that, at the current time, they are not interested in acquiring his property, but might be interested at a later time.

Berry asks Hammond to write to say that although she appreciates the interest Mrs. Tener has taken, she should not approach the Fords in any way, as Mr. Hoge and Mr. Keown agree that all requests should come from Berry. Ground has been broken for the Mothers' Building. Although they lack sufficient funds to finish the building, Berry hopes it will "come out all right".

Neal has been ill and at times depressed. Her stocks have not been successful and she could not afford to go to Washington for the inauguration. She asks Berry to "keep after" Gordon Keown to sell her house and lot.

In this letter handwritten by Inez Henry on Johns Hopkins Hospital stationery, Martha Berry asks Bessie Bonner to send cakes, candy, and pine. She expresses concern that in the Christmas rush personal packages sent to her from Baltimore will be opened. She asks that Mr. Keown help select the Christmas card, promising that she will return in time to sign it. Henry adds a personal note, telling Miss Bonner that both she and Berry are "tired to death of this life".

Berry reminds Blake of his promise to buy back from her the Lookout Mountain property she purchased from him.

Martha Berry wants a daily list of gifts because it will be of great help. She wants Miss Bonner to let her know when she hears from Mr. Bierwirth because she has not heard from him. She also wants Mr. Keown to write her.

Martha Berry writes to E. H. Hoge telling him that she authorizes him to pay for property around Hammond's Hill that may be purchased for the need of water power development according to Mr. Keown's judgement.

West notifies Berry that he has traded the Wright tract to other parties.

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