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Martha Berry is replying to a letter from Ben Crownover, stating that they do not normally accept girls under 14 years old, but will send his inquiry to Leland Green, who will provide more details.

Cook corresponds about rumors that funds are available from Henry Ford for new buildings at Berry's Girls' School.

Berry requests tentative sketches of a library expansion to share with Kate Macy Ladd, who she hopes will fund it. She hopes the Fords will finish the Girls' School buildings.

Bessie Cooper writes her appreciation for Martha Berry letting her in the shcool.

Martha Berry wishes to thank Mr. Small for writing an article in the Atlanta Constitution about Mr. Ford's gift to The Berry Schools. Mr. Ford has gifted some buildings for the Girls School but the buildings are not endowed, so the school is still in need of money. Miss Berry also mentions that the school has been given the wrong kind of publicity before from the Rome paper and that she is very grateful for his article as it entered into the spirit of the situation in a wonderful way.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Jackson saying that it was wonderful to hear his voice on the phone and that she sent him all the literature they have. She explains that Mr. Ford only gave them the buildings and several cars and trucks. She says that they're still suffering from the Ford boom and the editor of the Rome Tribune won't retract the article. She says that she is looking forward to his article and tells him that she will help him with whatever he needs.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Jackson explaining that Mr. Ford gave buildings at the Girls' Schools but had nothing to do with her personal home. She encloses an article from the Rome paper who refuses to refute the article even though it's incorrect. She asks Mr. Jackson to write an article for the Atlanta paper stating the truth about the Fords and their help at The Berry Schools.

In this letter Miss Berry explains the need for donations in order to further the Girls School and expresses her appreciation to the Howells for their continued support of the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Green know how she would like the debate to be re-worked.

Miss Berry speaks of the wonderful time she had with Mrs. Eagan and the children and mentions a photograph of them. She explains that the Fords gave a gift of buildings at the Girl's School but not at any of the others. Miss Berry says she misses Mr. Eagan's advice at times like this because he always knew how to handle such situations. She asks Mrs. Eagan to speak with Mr. Caldwell.

Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Davison for helping the Berry Schools in what ways she can.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Booth for her interest in the work but explains to her that the Ford buildings only meet some of the needs of the three schools which are more in need than ever.

Berry instructs Wingo to devote all energy into getting things at the Girls School, particularly Clara Hall, clean and "in perfect order" in advance of important visitors and a special investigation of the dining room and kitchen.

Peabody encloses a letter to James Hardy Dillard that details travel plans for Martha Parrott, who planned to start a girl's school in Salonica, Greece. In addition to spending time with Dillard, Peabody wishes for Parrott to visit the Berry Schools, along with visits to the Rabun Gap-Nacooche School, Tuskeegee Institute, Fort Valley (possibly Fort Valley High and Industrial School, then affiliated with the American Church Institute for Negroes of the Protestant Episcopal Church), and "Bruce Payne at Nashville" (Payne was then President of the George Peabody College for Teachers). In the letter to Dillard, Peabody also advises about his plans to visit Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute at Founders Day.

Berry is sending Dr. Goldthwaite's address; she has heard he completely cured a woman of her severe arthritis. She informs Wingo of a request from the Girls School students that Miss Smith not be allowed to return and asks for Wingo's opinion.

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