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Martha Berry writes to thank Mrs. Clark for the gift sent by Mrs. Hammond towards an endowed day for Mrs. Waldo Richards. She hopes that they will visit Berry when they come south.

This is documentation of a gift sent from Mrs. Robert McKelvy to Mrs. Hammond and then to The Berry Schools for Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards Endowed Day.

$100 gift for the Mrs. Waldo Richards endowed day. Gift facilitated by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Mrs. Walter G. Ladd sends $200, sent in by Mrs. Hammond for the Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards endowed day.

Mrs. G. Beekman Hoppin sends $300, sent by Mrs. J. H. Hammond for Mrs. Waldo Richards' Endowed Day.

A receipt to Mrs. J.H. Hammond for $2500 for an endowed day in memory of Mrs. Waldo Richards.


In this letter Martha Berry talks about how excited she is to have an endowed day named after Mrs. Richards. Berry will be glad for Miss Peters to sing Wednesday evening and Miss Morgan will recite on Thursday.

Mrs. William B. Osgood Field sends $100 to the Berry Schools. The check was sent from Mrs. Field to Berry by Mrs. Hammond for an endowed day for Mrs. Waldo Richards.

E. B. Maguire, secretary to Mrs. Hammond, writes to Miss Berry, sends $300 for two scholarships in the name of Gertrude Moore Richards and tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Hammond is probably send more money for scholarships in surplus of the endowment fund.

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