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A Christmas Greetings letter reminding James Kraft's friends of the importance of perspective and motivation behind work, and having the right mindset. He gives an example explaining the importance of realizing the true purpose of such actions as looking beyond mixing the mortar and realizing that "I am helping build a cathedral to the glory of God."

A letter to Mrs. Robert Harbin, Sr. from Martha Berry sending her condolences on the death of her husband who was a great friend to Berry college and the students.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis from Martha Berry for her donation to the school, and she goes on to talk of the improvements of Berry as well as the new Science and Agriculture building. She then invites Mrs. Davis down for another visit.

Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond how wonderful it is that she is visiting Berry with her friends. She wishes that she could be there to welcome them, but explains that her cold turned into bronchitis and she has been in bed with doctors visiting her daily. Martha Berry then tells Mrs. Hammond how happy it makes her to know that her friends love the Berry Schools, expresses her hope that Mrs. Hammond's granddaughter enjoys the visit, and informs Mrs. Hammond that the gates of Berry are always open to her.

Mrs. Currie hopes Martha receives the aid she needs.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to let her know just how wonderful her visit was with Misses Vaughn and Firlotte and to thank her for sending them to Berry. She reminds Ladd of a visit she and Alice Lemley made.

Martha Berry learns that Mrs. Ladd is sending Miss Vaughn and Miss Firlotte to Berry and expresses her happiness. Berry reminisces about Ladd's visit to Berry with Miss Lemley, speaking of how close she feels to Ladd and wishing that Ladd might someday be well enough to visit again.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Ladd and all her household for making her visit such a dream and highly regards their friendship.

Martha Berry lets Miss Chase know she is thinking of her.

In this very warm letter, Miss Berry expresses her regret that she cannot travel with Miss Hollenback to Carlsbad this summer. She states that she really enjoys traveling with Miss Hollenback and that she will write to her c/o Morgan & Co. while she is away.

Unknown date. 2 Western Union Day letters trying to set up a fundraising event in Lake Placid.

Thank you letter from Ms. Martha Berry to Mrs. L.E. Buck for a gift made to the school. Also, this letter is a request for Mrs. Buck to introduce Ms. Berry to more potential donors for the schools.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to many of Berry's supporters. She asks that the reader donate money to the school, preferably $150 each, so that she can continue to accept boys and girls into the school.

Mrs. Lyden discusses the forty years that have passed since she and Martha Berry attended Madame Lefebvre's (sic) school together. She also donates $25 towards Berry's Silver Anniversary.


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