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Martha Berry sends Mrs. Smythe a thank you letter for the gift that she sent the Berry Schools. She also mentions her coming up again to see the changed that they made and how the girls and boys are growing up. Berry also comments about Mr. Hoehler's good work as the head of the welfare work in Cincinnati.

Meacham advises Berry of his and Mr. Hoehler's travel plans for Commencement.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Meacham to say that she hopes he will attend the trustees meeting in May. She also asks if he and Mr. Hoehler could attend Commencement and says that she would be able to take care of them very comfortably.

Martha Berry expresses her excitement of Mr. Hoehler coming to be with her for commencement.

Meacham writes that the box of cotton arrived before Christmas and that she used some of it to decorate. She reports on mutual friends and acquaintenances.

Hoehler writes to let Berry know he has not forgotten about the laundry equipment, but has just been busy. He mentions he has met a few of the Berry boys at Davidson College where he spoke recently.

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