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Martha Berry's brother Tom Berry encloses tax notices for property in DeKalb County, Alabama from their mother's (Mrs. Thomas Berry's) estate.


Miss Willock sends a $100 donation in celebration of the Silver Anniversary of The Berry Schools. She also describes her joy in reading the latest Southern Highlander and gives her sympathy to Miss Berry for the loss of her mother.

Letter to Dr. Chas M. Proctor from Martha Berry concerning the new dental clinic at The Berry Schools. Miss Berry informs Dr. Procter that the clinic is ready for his visit as well as stating that she was sad to hear that he had to postpone it the first time. She also thanked him for informing his friends about the work at the schools and that she would be happy to mail literature to any of his friends that would like to receive it. She also informs him of the passing of her mother, Frances Rhea Berry.

Berry thanks Ochs for his gift, forwarded to her by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Letter to Frances R. Morse from Martha Berry sending her sympathy for the loss of Mrs. Morse's sister. Miss Berry talks about the loss of her mother in order to relate to Mrs. Morse. She also states that she is glad she has the Berry Schools to occupy her time and for such a good cause.

Martha Berry writes that Donald's clothes are in use by some Foundation School boys. She writes that her mother passed away on December 30 and was buried on New Years day with all eight of her children present.

Martha Berry asks for her mother's house in Mentone, Alabama to be appraised

A personal letter from Martha Berry to Kate Macy Ladd, expressing sadness about her mother's death and telling of the difficulties ahead in settling her estate. Berry provides a moving description of how much the students appreciated the Christmas candy Ladd sent, and describes the scene in Memorial Library, which was funded by Ladd.

Martha Berry thanks Ladd for her recent correspondence. She confides to Ladd that she misses her mother, but is thankful that she passed away with little suffering. She thanks the Ladds for endowing Memorial Library, and expresses hope for their improved health.

Berry asks Jones to appraise her mother's Mentone, Alabama property.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Ladd to thank her for the Christmas candy she sent, and tells her how happy it makes the students. She informs Mrs. Ladd that Christmas was sad as her mother broke her hip and then passed away in December. She says that the end was peaceful, however, and that the whole family was together. She explains that she thought about telegraphing Mrs. Ladd because she needed sympathy but since Mrs. Ladd was unwell, Miss Berry decided to wait to write.

Martha Berry shares the loss of her mother with Mrs. King and expresses her desire for Paul and Lula King to come to Berry.

Berry thanks Kalbfleisch for is monetary contribution and writes that she hopes to meet with him when she is in New York to learn more about the Florida pecan grove he gave to the schools. She refers to her sadness at the death of her mother.

Berry writes to Hammond, describing the loneliness she feels following her (Berry's) mother's death.


Berry updates her sister on her activities and advises that she should write to their mother to arrange repayment of Wright's payment for coal.

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