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Berry writes about a pink dress ordered by her niece, Martha Wright.

Martha Berry writes to her sister Frances to describe the birth of Frances Ball's son, a "fine boy" she named Howard Kelly Ball. Since no one was available to drive her to the hospital, Frances drove herself and delivered her baby four hours later.


Martha Berry writes to her sister Frances of all of her upcoming commitments, including two weddings and Commencement. If it is convenient, she plans to visit Frances as soon after Commencement as she can.

Martha Berry writes to tell her sister Frances Berry Bonnyman that she is glad that Bonnyman will be coming to visit and comments on how lovely it will be to see all of the children. Berry asks that Bonnyman bring cucumbers put up by a woman in Knoxville. She asks that Bonnyman mail her portrait to her, as she has found someone to repair it. Berry tells Bonnyman that she is counting on Reo Bandy to take the children from Faith Cottage to Mentone, and to also spend time there with their mother, who plans to go to Mentone at the end of June.

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