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Berry writes about a pink dress ordered by her niece, Martha Wright.

A list of addresses is compiled of donors from both England and France.

A list is compiled of the addresses of donors from both England and France.

A list of addresses recorded from Miss Berry's trip to Europe. Some countries included are Germany, France, and Austria. The list also includes rich people Miss Berry met while abroad and a prayer from a manuscript found in Europe.

Miss Dewey writes that her check is late that year because she has been on the Riviera since February.


Sara Woodruff asks for the address of Martha Berry's former secretary. She is planning on studying in Paris and would like to get in touch with someone who knows the area.

Ball thanks Hammond for the opportunity to participate in the 1939 pilgrimage and thanks her for the copy of Brace Up Thoughts for 1940.

Martha Berry writes to the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) with the hope that they will continue to fund scholarships at Berry, so the school can continue to stay open.


Martha Berry writes to Meacham in order to thank him for creating a scholarship in honor of his son. The scholarship will help a deserving boy at the school and will be a living memorial to Robert Meacham.

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