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The letter's author begs Miss Berry's pardon for his being unable to visit on Founder's Day (due to his engagements at Court) and informs her that he will be present the coming Saturday (as a tag-along to Miss Josephine Wilkins, who is scheduled to talk to the students). He also suggests that he and she talk about setting up a Press at Berry, as it has been successfully pulled off by The University of North Carolina.

Emily Hammond writes to Martha Berry wishing her a good Founders Day.

Vivien Grant expresses her interest in bringing her family by to see the new buildings at Berry.

Martha writes to Miss Barry to thank her for the letters about Frances and tells her to write anything that comes up.

McDougald encloses a statement of her tuition expenses, in response to a letter from Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. McDougald reports on her semester grades and wishes she could have attended the Founders Day program. She hopes to be a credit to Berry and to make herself "count for good to others." On letterhead of the Young Woman's Christian Association of LaGrange College.

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