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In this letter Alice Logan Wingo tells Miss Bonner thath Mrs. Phifer wants "pretty pictures," giving examples of the view crossing the lake to the Foundation School and photographs that were in the "brown section" of the Constitution.

This is a letter to Grady Hamrick from Martha Berry informing him of an incident that happened with a boy, Jas. Will Gooch, taking seeds and shrubs away. Miss Berry enclosed a clipping of this and asked him to have a serious talk with the boys.

Berry reports that a much-admired photograph of sheep under trees at the Foundation School was omitted from negatives and photographs that Fowler sent. She expresses sympathy at the death of Mr. Fowler.

Berry writes of her pleasant vist to the Carlisle home, Mr. Byer's book, the geese Carlisle sent and Berry's desire to go away for a rest, perhaps to Europe.

Martha Berry thanks Dr. Williams for his $300 gift and discusses the piano she is about to buy.

Berry writes to Hamrick about preparing a special order of feathers.

Martha Berry tells why the students stay at school for Christmas. She discusses the work at Pilgrim Hall. She tells of the barrack that was housing some of the boys and how it burned. Berry explains the need of a fire-proof dormitory. She also thanks Mrs. Hammond for the books she sent her.

Berry tells Hammond that she is grateful for Mrs. Anthony's $150 donation. Pilgrim Hall is progressing and the boys are working at the Foundation School in the hot sunshine "with shirts off and backs and arms brown with sunburn" happy to have their new dormitory.

Mr. Douglass thanks Martha Berry for her hospitality during their stay at the Berry Schools.

Wells writes of the lovely visit to the schools she and her husband had, mentioning hearing the students sing old English ballads, the Foundation School, and the House of Dreams. Wells has recently learned that her brother was on the SS Vestris, which wrecked on the way to Robinson Crusoe Island. Her brother survived the shipwreck and she was glad to have been spared the news until he was known to be safe.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mr. Noel Morris discussing his long absence and the improvements at Berry that have been made since he left. She also mentions her niece, Martha Berry Wright who is at Miss Spence's School.


Letter to Mrs. D. H. Morris from Martha Berry informing her that she just heard about the death of their dear friend Noel Morris. She reminisces about his visit to Berry and how he told her it was one of the happiest times of his life. She then reiterates her deepest condolences to the family.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Hemrick that she wants to take the guests to the Foundation School and up to the mountains to be entertained. She also instructs Mr. Hemrick to have the boys sit at the front of the church and to be ready to tell their life stories.

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