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Markoe inquires about the Ford gift.


Martha Berry thanks M.r Johnson for the beautiful editorial that he wrote. She explains that the gift from Mr. Ford was not cash and only helped the Girls School. She expresses the needs for the other schools' maintenance.

Letter from Martha Berry to her youngest sister and wife of Blue Diamond Coal Company president Alexander Bonnyman, Sr., Frances Berry Bonnyman. Berry reports that she is ill and asks Bonnyman to stop in Mount Berry on her way to New York. She informs Bonnyman that Bonnyman's sister-in-law, Mrs. James Bonnyman, would be welcome to stay with Isabel and Tom.

Berry reports that the Rome newspaper has published untrue reports about the donations of Clara and Henry Ford, benefactors of the college. Henry Ford refuses to refute the newspaper's claims, and the college is receiving unwanted negative attention because of the contents of the article(s).


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