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Martha Berry shows her gratitude to the First Presbyterian Church Bible School for their donations to the Berry Schools. She writes about the next year and how she is hoping that her friends will continue to help and support the Berry Schools.

Samuel is writing Miss Berry to tell her he has spent his prayer meeting telling people of the work God has wrought through her prayer and service.

Vance writes to clarify travel arrangements for his visit to preach the baccalaureate sermon.

Laura M. Clay, a member of the Mary L. Neal Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, sent Martha Berry a $25 donation for the school. The money was left over from the Auxiliary's Missionary Society budget.

Lulu of the Duluth, Minnesota First Presbyterian Church sends Miss Berry $75 that she hopes will help a young man wishing to go into the ministry. She also discusses how Miss Eleanor Thomson told their class about the Berry Schools and how her subscription money is included in the check.

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