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Martha Berry is invited to a dinner at the Greystone Hotel. This dinner will be an event discussing a charity in Europe called the United Appeal for Refugees and Overseas Needs.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Sloan and asks him to make a stop at Berry during the winter. She explains that they have a really nice guest house and she'd love for him to bring any friends or relatives with him.

May E. Hall tells Martha Berry that she is sending a check from Mr. Sloane to her since Mr. Sloane has left for Europe and Ms. Hall wants to make sure the check is not overlooked later on. This check would be the second payment towards Mr. Sloane's pledge of $100,000. Mrs. Hall also mentions to Miss Berry that she enjoyed meeting her nephew and that she hoped he was able to acquire some knowledge in the few weeks he stayed with her.

Martha Berry informs Dr. Proctor that, although he noted in his previous letter that a check was enclosed, there was not one there. The author informs him that Miss Berry is away in Europe until the fall and expresses their thanks for his interest in the schools.

Martha Berry writes to Fanny Norris that it has been a long time since they have seen each other. Martha Berry also mentions that the drought destroyed the crops after she had returned from Europe.

The letter is asking for a donation to Berry because the drought destroyed much of the crops the previous summer. The donation would help feed the boys and girls at the school.

Letter states that Martha Berry is in Europe for the summer and thanks Mr. Holt for his gift of $300.


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Letter to Margaret Earnshaw from Martha Berry informing Miss Earnshaw that she has just returned from a summer in Europe. Therefore, she has not had time to look at the plans and would like to do so before sending them back to her if they decide to get the work done. Miss Berry informs her that all of the tools and materials are in tact and will be sent to her within the next few days. Miss Berry informs Miss Earnshaw that she will let her know whether they have decided to go ahead with the work or not. Miss Berry also expresses her desire to carry out the plans but that she is afraid that they won't be able to due to financial reasons. Miss Berry regrets the delay in this matter but that Miss Earnshaw will hopefully be willing to let her keep the plans for a few more days to examine them.

Mr. Cutting hopes Martha Berry had a nice time on her trip.



Martha Berry lets Mr. Cutting know they were in Europe at the same time and hopes to see him soon.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Carlisle to update her on her life, saying she's back at work from Europe and feeling much better and that it's nice to have Mr. Byers helping out. She also says that they can't afford the interior decorator's plans and that the crops have all dried up and they have to begin again.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Harrington to advise him that she purchased some old paintings in Munich that she has sent to Atlanta in care of W. E. Browne Decorating Co.. She asks him to take care of them and says she will visit him when she goes to Atlanta again.

Due to Miss Berry's trip to Europe, the Berry Schools thank Mrs. Barnes for her generous donation. The Berry Schools also let Mrs. Barnes know that Miss Inez Wooten still works at the schools and will turn her attention to the check immediately.

Miss Winn's secretary informs Miss Berry that Miss Winn sent a box of clothing to the Berry Schools.

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