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A letter informing Mrs. Hammond on the leaflets that were being sent for the Benefit and telling her what dire circumstances the College was in.


A telegram requesting a Berry film for the week of January 22nd to be presented at the Embassy Theatre.


The author informs the recipient that a list of donors to the Emily Hammond scholarship is enclosed.

Helen S. H. sends kind words to Martha Berry and encouragement for her and the schools. She discusses the shipment of several paintings to Martha Berry.

A thank you letter for Mrs. Messier's gift to the Berry Schools through Emily Hammond.

A letter telling Martha Berry that Mrs. Shoemaker and her friends are willing to host some of the Berry boys and members of faculty to go to a camp that Oxford is having in Pocono, PA for 10 days.

A letter thanking Martha for her hospitality towards Emily Hammond and the Pilgrims, with some donations attached from some of the Pilgrims.

Letter to Miss Berry from Mrs John Henry Hammond (Emily Hammond) telling of deaths of Mrs. Frederic Van Lennep, Mrs. Adolf Ladenburg, Mrs Singer Proctor and Miss Fanny Goddard.

Hammond sends articles from the Pilgrims in case they can be used in the Highlander. Hammond spoke about Berry recently, which led to an invitation for Berry to speak in the fall. Arrangements for Berry to speak at St. Bartholomew are in progress.

Emily Hammond asks if Inez could speak, but if there is a chance of Berry speaking she would prefer to postpone the meeting. She also offers her condolences for the fire and sends New Years good wishes.

Mrs. Hammond wishes she could be present for Miss Berry's commencement but says she will be there in spirit.

Martha Berry writes a letter to Mrs. Henry Whiting showing concern on the passing of her husband. Berry recalls when her mother passed away and writes about it in this letter.

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