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Miss Berry sends Miss Earnshaw the packages containing samples of materials and sketches from the work at Emily Cottage. The Schools could not complete the order due to the amount of items suggested by Miss Earnshaw.

The Berry Schools tell Miss Earnshaw that they've received her letter about the pictures of the furniture placed in Emily Cottage. Since Miss Berry is away, no one is able to authorize the expenditure. All the shopman wants is to know what is required, and then he can make his own diagram. The Schools ask Miss Earnshaw what kind of curtains the cottage needs so they can be woven during the summer. A small sample of the color is all they need.

This is a brief letter from Margaret Earnshaw to Miss Martha Berry. Margaret Earnshaw wrote the letter to inform Miss Berry that their painter wants to know if she wants the paint samples for Emily Cottage plain or stippled.

Miss Berry asks about what should be done with the wood for the bedrooms and halls in Emily Cottage and also requires for samples to be sent.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Miss Barnshaw to send the exact color for the walls and floor to be used in Emily Cottage.

Miss Berry acknowledges that it will take some time to get all the materials for her house and Emily Cottage but asks that Miss Earnshaw send her material for the sofa in the library and the armchair in the living room before April 7th so she can finish the furniture before Mrs. Hammond and the Pilgrims arrive.

Miss Berry encloses a letter from Miss Earnhart about the plans for the interior work at Oak Hill and Emily Cottage. Miss Berry would like to keep the plans until she has time to look at them but Miss Earnhart wants them back so Miss Berry asks Mrs. Carlisle's opinion on what she should do.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and Miss Earnshaw because they have been and will be such helps. She also mentions Mr. and Mrs. Ford's visit and that they brought Sir Wilfred Crenfall and Lady Crenfall.

Wingo lets Berry know that Mrs. Hammond has mailed photographs of the Emily Cottage Pilgrims and the girls who took care of them. Wingo will be at Montreat all summer.

Berry provides instructions for entertaining commencement guests and hopes that arrangements at the Girls School will be better organized than last year.

Poet Isabel Fiske Conant writes to make plans for a visit to Berry that has been facilitated by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Although she does have dates she will be in Virginia, Georgia, and at Coker College that are in process, her itinerary is flexible.

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