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A letter written by Mrs. Hitchcock where she asks Martha if they may have a few pictures so they may think that the neighborhood children that she teaches may believe that they are helping. Mrs. Hitchcock informs Martha that they will donate money in June and that they may be able to help with clothing for a little girl, she also informs Miss Berry that the name of the club shall be P I T, or Put It Through.

Meacham would like to help pay for a young girl to attend the Berry Schools, and asks to be provided with information about the particular student her contribution is used to help. Meacham is visiting her daughter Edith and her husband Reuben Hitchcock, who is stationed in Portland with the Signal Corps. Meacham also inquires whether or not Berry has any homespun linen available.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Meacham for sending fifty dollars to help a young girl at the school. She will not choose a specific girl until the school year starts and then she will let Mrs. Meacham know who was chosen to receive the help.

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