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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for his letter and expresses her sadness that she could not see him before he left. She tells Mr. Holt that it is okay for Mr. Staley Cook to visit on Easter, but that they only have a room for him on Saturday and Sunday nights. She says that they would love to have Mr. Cook visit, but that he can also come later in the month.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Carlisle that her family's visit to Berry was delightful and that having Mrs. Carlisle at Berry makes her feel young again. She says that Mrs. Carlisle is counted the first and most beloved friend at Berry. She wishes Mrs. Carlisle peace and comfort and expresses her wish that Mrs. Carlisle's family will visit again soon.

Mrs. Riter writes to Martha with a check for mother's day in memory of her own mother.

Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Mrs. Fuller sends an Easter donation of $5 to help a young girl on her road towards an education.

Laura Smith encloses an Easter gift to be used as Miss Berry thinks best.


Emma R. McAlpin encloses a check to fund a boy's scholarship in memory of her father, William Rockefeller.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Lanier for helping Berry in a time of need.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Miss Grace Everett that she will not be at the schools during the time Miss Grace Everett wants to visit which was stated in a previous letter.

Talmage sent a box of clothing to the Berry Schools, and she asks for Martha Berry to notify her when she recieves the gift.

Letter to Martha Berry from Margaret A. Perry informing Miss Berry that she was paying $25.00 for her Easter Contribution to the schools. She also comments on the "highlander" in reference to the needs of the schools and sates to increase her offerings as time goes on.

Thank you letter for the cotton balls sent by Martha Berry.

Ethel M. Nesbitt sent check for $10.00 to be used for Elizabeth Faith. Also , thanking for dainty gift she received at Christmas.


Miss Grace L. Morrison loans a Southern Highlander to her neighbor who becomes very interested in the school and sends $15 along with Miss Morison's $5.

Edith Mathews writes to Martha Berry with a donation of ten dollars as an Easter offering to the Berry Schools.

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