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A check for $5.00 to be sent to Mrs. Hammond so it can be put in the Berry Schools Benefit Fund.

In this letter E.H. Hoge tells Martha Berry that he has enclosed a list of the checks sent to him from Mrs. Hammond. He said he also enclosed the date in which the checks were received.



Martha Berry writes about Mr Holt's inspiring letters and the color pictures he sent. She writes that she is still wearing black glasses through which she "sees the world darkly". She treasures the lifelike picture of Mrs Holt. She writes that the copies of "The Southern Churchman" have arrived and been passed around; she has enjoyed its sermon by Dr Shoemaker. Martha Berry thanks Mr Holt for his large check which made Mr Hoge smile and enabled him to pay the summer workers. She writes about sitting on the back porch of her home talking with "Aunt Martha" who encourages her to pray more and get her rest.

This is a list of the people who donated and the amount they donated to the EVH Scholarship Fund.

Berry asks Hammond to write to say that although she appreciates the interest Mrs. Tener has taken, she should not approach the Fords in any way, as Mr. Hoge and Mr. Keown agree that all requests should come from Berry. Ground has been broken for the Mothers' Building. Although they lack sufficient funds to finish the building, Berry hopes it will "come out all right".

Letter from E.H. Hoge to Miss Bonner informing her that Mr. J. Horace Harding has died and to remove him from the mailing list.

Berry reports on fundraising and seeks Hammond's advice about starting a campaign.

A letter detailing the budget costs for certain projects that have been done to the Berry Schools.

In this letter E.H. Hoge sends Mr. Campsall a bill for three hundred and twenty five bags of flour.

Hoge sends a receipt to Henry Ford's office for the work on the drives around the new buildings on campus and asks for a check for that amount ($20,648.35).

Letter discusses how correspondence with the Carnegie Corporation has been handled. Letter also discusses how a fall meeting with the Corporation may be held during the winter.

Berry reports to Hammond on a list of endowed days and travel plans. Berry sends a clipping about Lucille La Verne, who is advertising that she is raising a million dollars for the school. Berry is concerned that La Verne's effort will reflect unfavorably on the schools.


Mr. Hoge, comptroller at Berry, writes to Mr. Liebold with a check for the heating and structural engineering work by Coolidge and Carson.


E.H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, encloses architects certificate for payment on New Girls' Recitation Hall and statement of work on New Water Supply to the office of Mr. Henry Ford.


E.H. Hoge, Comptroller of the Berry Schools, acknowledges receipt of check for payment of balance on the Girls' Recitation Hall.


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